Stats Switzerland, France, and Spain

Date End destination Distance (km) Time h.m Avg (km/h) Notes
09.07.06 Staufen (Lenzburg) 85.1 5.04 16.7 Spent our first night at Mirjam and Patrick's place where we enjoyed a delicious meal and watched the final match of the World Cup06
10.07.06 Bellach 80.2 4.56 16.2 Checked out Solothurn and spent the night "sleeping in straw" in a farmer's barn (Schlaf im Stroh)
11.07.06 Sutz 29.79 1.44 17.1 Ryan temporarily lost his key only to find it in a secret pocket. Erica's mom heads back to Jona by train
12.07.06 Chasseral 44.3 4.08 10.7 Met up with Geo who takes us out for lunch in Biel. Afterward we climbed the Chasseral and stayed the night on top.
13.07.06 La Chaux de Fonds 38.6 2.32 15.3 We lost our battery charger cable and Ryan rode for 20 minutes downhill with the i-pod and other electronics items resting on his rear pannier. Miraculously they stay on the bike! We climb Mt. Soleil in the rain and sleep in the straw at a farmer's barm.
14.07.06 Vallorbe 89.6 6.06 14.6 Beautiful scenery next to the French Border. Passed World War II bunkers and going up several big climbs.
15.07.06 Morez, France 51.5 3.15 15.8 Long descent into Morez in heavy rain, seemed busy when we arrive, but turned out to be a disapointing town.
16.07.06 Rest Day in Morez - - - Good for our legs, but not an ideal place to explore
17.07.06. Lons-le-Sonier 73.2 4.22 16.7 Lunch at Lake de Chalain with a little swim! Every other car that passed us is Dutch. Stopped early.
18.07.06 Lugny 86.9 5.28 14.4 Lots of small ghost towns along the way. Nice campground with a great view of of vineyards.
19.07.06 Chauffailles 78.89 5.28 14.4 Rolling hills lots of climbing. Nice small town, nice campground
20.07.06 Rest Day in Chauffailles - - - Day to read, relax and wash clothes and watch stage 17 of the TdF
21.07.06 Montceau-l'Etoile 96.7 5.3 17.5 Biked to Roanne, but then decided we were close enough to go to Tour de France. We turned around and headed straight north. Ryan crashes at under 5km/h trying to get back on the road -- not wearing gloves so scuffs up hand.


(train to TdF)

17.8 1.03 16.7 Wake up early and make it to campground just before a huge storm. Storm passed quickly, we set up our tent and headed to Montceau-les-Mines to watch the final time trial of Tour de France.
23.07.06 Bellanaves 108.8 6 18 No hills to speak of. Passed a local bike race.
24.07.06 Auzances 68.5 4.55 13.9 Started early (6.30am) and stopped early. Caught up on our reading.
25.07.06 Faux-La-Montagne 77.1 5.1 14.8 1000 km! We bike through the nice town of Aubusson where we spent the afternoon. Talked to an old hippie woman from Paris smoking her pipe and giving us travel advice. Inspired we have our first wild camping experience in the forest.
26.07.06 Terrasson 121 6.51 17.6 Biked through Uzerche and then on to the city of Brive-la-Gallarde for a beer. We continue another 20km to a campground
27.07.06 Montflaquin 133.5 7.13 18.4 The Dutch have taken over France. Probably 7 out of 10 cars are Dutch. We stopped at a campground to refuel water and only Dutch is written on the board. We finally make it to Montflaquin looking for a campground that no longer exists. We decided to follow signs to a 4star campground with no indication of how far it is we turned around after 5km and head back to town. The one hotel in town was booked and the one down the road was not in our budget. Got permission from the bartender to camp behind the rugby stadium and warned us of the terrible storm that is coming. We spent the night under a tree wrapped in our tarp.
28.07.06 Villeneuve-sur-Lot 19.3 1.17 14.8 We woke up before daybreak and headed to the next town for some shelter. Onto Villeneuve we decide to stay a night and enjoyed the city.
29.07.06 Réaup 69.1 4.07 16.7 Woman at the tourist office loves her job
30.07.06 Aire-sur-l'Adour 75.7 4.52 15.5 Spent the night by the river just outside of the city
31.07.06 Sauveterre-de-Béarn 89.7 5.5 15.4 Our best camping spot. Next to gorgeous river.
01.08.06 Pamplona, Spain 123 7.48 15.7 Crossed the boarder on a small road in the basque region, no national signs only one sign saying Navarra. The excitement of crossing the boarder encouraged us to continue on to Pamplona. On the descent passing dozens of road bikers.
02.08.06 Hanging out in Pamplona - - - Mike and Susana offered us a place to stay in Pamplona!
03.08.06 Hanging out in Pamplona - - - Croissants, Pacharan, and good company!
04.08.06 Olvega 132.8 6.52 19.2 Motivated to get to Madrid we bike long and hard. Camped out in a farmers field. Great tail wind!
05.08.06 Jadraque 145.4 7.14 20

Cold morning with heavy side wind. Lots of brown and very sparsely populated

2000 km (this includes our intown riding). We camped out again in a farmers field.

06.08.06 Barajas Airport, Madrid 149 8.07 18.3 Lunch in Guadalajara. We were forced to ask a dozen people for directions to the airport. No one could give us proper directions on a bike (highway only). After many frustrating km biking in the Madrid suburbs we found our way! We decided to spend the night in the airport since it seemed a bit too difficult to find our way out of the airport.
07.08.06 Hanging out in Madrid - - - We found a way to get to the town of Barajas without getting on a highway. We spent the next two nights in a hostal and took the metro downtown
08.08.06 Hanging out in Madrid - - - Enjoyed being back in Madrid. Kebab, Churros y Sangria!
09.08.06 Tieffenbrunnen, Switz. - Jona Switz. 30.1 1.16 23.6 Surprised Diana and Max on our way back, enjoying several "Kafi Lutz" before slowly biking back to Ericas parents.
  Total 2115.60 117.4 17.9 distance:1314.57 miles, average: 11.2 miles/hr