Our Bike Trip

May 2007


We have decided to continue on from Quito, Ecuador to Cartagena, Colombia from where we will either take a boat or a plane to Panama. We made the decision to go through Colombia after talking with many travelers as well as cyclists. All of them have had positive experiences and encouraged us to enjoy the Colombian hospitality.

July 2006


We have talked for quite a few years of taking an extended cycling trip.  Two years ago we made the final decision and have worked towards our goal ever since. After saving enough money, purchasing the necessary equipment and lots of planning we are finally making it happen!

Our first leg of the trip will begin on July 9th, 06 from Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, the town where Erica was raised, to Madrid, Spain. The start of our trip will be even more special as Erica's mom will join us for the first few days. In order to fully enjoy the ride and adjust to our new life on the road, we are allowing ourselves two months to arrive in Spain.

At the end of September we are flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina where we will volunteer for at least one month and acclimate to South America. After our stay in Buenos Aires we plan to fly south to Ushuaia, Argentina from where we will slowly bike north to Quito, Ecuador. Our plans are open after this - we might stay a while in Ecuador - we may continue north to Ohio from Panama City. This decision will be made later. In general, we have told ourselves that the only guidelines will be the weather and our will on each particular day. We are not restricting ourselves to bike every mile of our trip and if the need or desire arises we may travel some distances by bus. If we are able to continue cycling after Quito we will head north from Panama through Central America and Mexico. Our goal will be to bike into Columbus, OH, Ryan's hometown.

People wonder how we can afford this, sometimes making the assumption that we are independently wealthy :-). But just like so many other travelers before us, we will be going on this trip with little means, trying to make it as far as possible with what we have. You may see us living under a bridge one day, but at least we'll have a story to tell! :)

¡Hasta Luego!

P.S. If you find yourself traveling in an area we'll be riding through give us a shout.