This will not be an exact list of what is packed in each pannier nor how many shirts we will take along, because "things" change while traveling.

But, here are the most important items on our bike journey:


To have a good and reliable bike was very important to us. This is the equipment we will ues the most. Searches on the internet led us to the Dutch manufacturer Koga Miyata. They build several touring models of which the World Traveller seemed to be the most suitable for our needs. On our warm-up from Switzerland to Spain our bikes turned out to be an excellent choice. We thoroughly enjoyed riding them. They were great on any kind of road surface. (and gave us lots of attention from the Dutch, as they recognized their home-brand and started chatting with us in Dutch:-) )


Just like with the bikes it was important for us to have a good tent. It is nice when living on the road to have a mobile-home that you enjoy and that withstands all different kinds of weather conditions, a place where you can retreat and rest during the night. We heard about the Hilleberg Namatji 3GT after emailing with Swissfunrent in Switzerland. We bought the tent in the States through the only distributor in Ohio which to our luck was located in Columbus. We've used the tent on several hiking trips before our bike trip and have been very happy with our choice.



Ortlieb makes great water-proof panniers. We chose the roller-plus line and have been very satisfied. The panniers kept all our stuff completely dry even after the hardest rainfalls.


  • Multi-fuel stove. White fuel is not always available. Therefore, it is helpful to have a system that uses petrol.
  • A buff
  • Water filter
  • Extra bike parts
  • Good road maps can prevent many frustrations :-)
  • A guide book to read about the history, culture, landscape, and animals of the area to feed all the curiousity and questions that arise while passing them on the bike.
  • A simple tarp. It has turned out to be one of the most useful, versitile, (and cheapest) items on the road.