Facts Guatemala


Total Area:

108,890 sq km


Population: 12,293,545



15 September 1821 (from Spain)


Ethnic groups: Mestizo (mixed Amerindian-Spanish - in local Spanish called Ladino) and European 59.4%, K'iche 9.1%, Kaqchikel 8.4%, Mam 7.9%, Q'eqchi 6.3%, other Mayan 8.6%, indigenous non-Mayan 0.2%, other 0.1% (2001 census)


Total fertility rate: 3.82 children born/woman


Net migration rate: -1.94 migrants/1,000 population


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Photos Guatemala


Solola Market, Lake Atitlan and our ride to the border

We explored the weekly indigenous market in Solola, visited the beautiful lake of Atitlan, biked up and down through Guatemala's mountains which ended with a long downnhill ride to the Mexican border

(Dec 07)


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Guatemala City and Antigua

We biked into Guatemala City to revisit the city Ryan used to live in six years ago and then continued to Antigua, a popular tourist destination from where we took a trip to the active Volcano Pacaya

(Nov-Dec 07)


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