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Izzy (formerly Chestnut)




George (named after the 1$bill he chewed)





Mystic and her seven Puppies


June 08:

Even though we were tempted till the end to keep one of the puppies we decided to find new homes for all of them. We are fortunate to have placed all seven puppies in very good homes and are certain that they will be just as loved as by us. Once the puppies are grown up we hope to receive photos from their new owners to see how they have developed.


Mystic of course will stay and move to Swizerland with us by the middle of July.

After the puppies were weaned Mystic finally went through her intensive heartworm treatment. The inital shots were extremely hard on her body. She lost 5 pounds within 1 1/2weeks, but with the alteration of medication and food she was able to get through the dangerous side effects of the heartworm treatment. Although she is currently not fully cured of the microfilaria (baby worms in her blood stream), the treatment of the adult heartworm seems to have been a success. Currently she is not supposed to move much, and she continues to take medication for several months. We hope however, that in a coule of months Mystic is allowed to run again. But for now, we are just happy that Mystic is still with us and is healthy enough to accompany us to Switzerland.



PHOTO journals:

TRAVEL LOG: how we found Mystic



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