Facts USA


Total Area:

9,631,420 sq km


Population: 298,444,215



4 July 1776 (from Great Britain)


Ethnic groups:

white 81.7%, black 12.9%, Asian 4.2%, Amerindian and Alaska native 1%, native Hawaiian and other pacific islander 0.2% (2003 est.) note: a separate listing for Hispanic is not included because the US Census Bureau considers Hispanic to mean a person of Latin American descent (including persons of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin) living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.)


Total fertility rate: 2.09 children born/woman


Net migration rate: 3.18 migrants/1,000 population


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Photos USA

Mystics 7 puppies are finally born on March 19th 2008 !

Bringing Mystic back to Ohio and the births of the puppies.

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Louisville to Columbus Ohio

Erica's mom flew into Louisville, KY to accompany us on our last stretch to Columbus, Ohio. Mystic stayed in Franklin, TN

(March 08)

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Franklin, TN to Louisville, KY

We stayed with friends in Franklin, TN to take care of Mystic and later continued without her to Louisville, KY


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Louisiana and the Natchez Trace Parkway

Biking through the state of Louisiana and on the scenic and historical Natchez Trace Parkway.

(Feb 08)

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Riding through the country.. uhm state of Texas

(Jan 08)

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